Managing Assets Smartly

Traka helps you to control, screen and record the utilization of any physical resource, including office premises and vehicles. Traka provides intelligent key management and gear management access control to better secure your important resources and thus bringing about improved efficiency, lessened downtime, less harm, reduced working expenses and less management.

ASSA ABLOY is the biggest worldwide provider of various types of security arrangements gears which include intelligent asset management device. For more information visit

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Mortice Locks

ASSA ABLOY provides a very innovative range of mechanical locks for venture business in the Middle-East. As a service provider for entryway systems, ASSA ABLOY offers an incorporated, manageable item portfolio which is used on worldwide level. All mechanical locks and segments have the necessary features to be incorporated into any doors, door systems, standard venture entryways, fire entryways, unique doors and multifunctional entryways. The locks can be discretionarily be replaced inside OneSystem to change functions.

ASSA ABLOY is the biggest worldwide provider of mortice locks and other security arrangements gears. They are devoted to enhancing the client’s lives through creative items. Visit

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Panic Exit Devices

ASSA ABLOY’s Panic Exit Devices are used in situations where everyone may not be aware of the exits in an emergency or panic situation. Panic Bars, which covers the width of the entryway, allows emergency escape when pressure is applied. Panic Exit Devices are tested to EN1125 and CE Marked. The panic exit devices are operated by either a lever or oar handle allowing the escape when pressure is applied.

ASSA ABLOY is the biggest worldwide provider of Panic exit devices and other security arrangements gears. For more, visit

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Sliding Gear Systems by P C Henderson

P C Henderson is recognized as the world pioneer in the designing and developing of Sliding Gear Systems for sliding entryways and folding entryways. Henderson systems can be utilized as a part of wardrobe doors, glass boards, timber doors, storeroom entryways, and shop fronts. Sliding gear systems can also be utilized as a part of numerous non-door applications like fall arrest systems for sliding machines, industrial curtains, sports gear, projector screens and writing boards.

ASSA ABLOY is the largest global supplier of sliding gear systems. Visit

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Security Experts are Now Easier to Find

We are all conscious about the security of our assets, but sometimes finding the right solutions can be challenging. However, if you visit , you will find the largest range of security solutions under one roof. ASSA ABLOY is a global leader and one of the most trusted security solutions providers in the Middle East and has a dedicated team of experts to provide after-sales services and anytime technical support. Great customer service is yours for the asking. So, if you’re looking for any security solutions – for home, business, office, or industry, visit .

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ASSA ABLOY: Providing the Best Access Control Systems in the Middle East

Some form of access control systems have always been around, but they are naturally getting more and more advanced and digital/ technology-driven. ASSA ABLOY’s large and diversified range of access control systems provide you options from the basis to the most technologically advanced solutions, each efficient and unique in their own way. Right from code operated systems to remotely controlled access systems, ASSA ABLOY has the solutions for better and enhanced security. So no matter whether you need it for your residence, office or some industrial purpose, finding the best access control systems in the Middle East is easy – just visit

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ASSA ABLOY: Taking Security Solutions to Another Level

Regardless of the size or worth of the organization, one should never leave loose ends in maintaining security. Security systems and solutions should involve, not just the main entrance, but should also include restricting access to specific areas depending on the nature of your business/ office. ASSA ABLOY is the global leader in access control systems and serves all industries with its vast and industry-specific product range. Right from private property to government institutions, banks, hospitals, hotels, to general businesses, they have the product range to meet your requirements. If you are on the lookout for security solutions, visit

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