CY110 Master Key solution

CY110 is security solution from Assa Abloy which is designed and built with modern solutions. It is very convenient with Reversible dimple key, User friendly key insertion and no sharp edges. It is tested for rough and tough conditions with many durability tests performed on it. It can be fitted into steel doors Dubai and steel doors in UAE. It has long term exclusivity with Patent protection with expected lifetime extension till 2036. It has good MKS capability with 20 new unique keyways and for an optimised MKS specification, always consult the ASSA ABLOY MKS specialist.

CY110 is the best choice for Healthcare, Education, Offices and Apartments. Visit

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Buying Security Doors Made Easy with ASSA ABLOY

Buying a security door is really a tough task, given the number of parameters and requirements. A good security door is required to not only protect your premises from burglars but from other hazards, such as fire and sound pollution. So, your search for a good security door ends at ASSA ABLOY; the pioneers in designing and manufacturing security doors for homes and business establishments. Their Vachette range of armoured security doors are A2P certified to meet the highest standards of safety, fire resistance, thermal insulation as well as acoustic insulation. They can be customised to your requirements. For further details, visit

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Get the Designer Door Handles

Doors are not only meant for securing your home or business, but also represent the personality and status of the owner. A shabbily looking door handle can ruin the look of your door. This can be averted by installing smart designer door handles which are easily available with ASSA ABLOY. The varied range of door handles in chrome finish, aluminium finish, stainless steel finish and brass finish. These are high quality door handles with curve lines and structured design to ensure comfortable grip and discreet style. So why go for ordinary door handles? For more details, visit

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Use your Mobile to Access your Home

Now you can experience the convenience of mobile access RFID locks in your homes which are operated through your mobile device using low-energy Bluetooth technology. No need to carry bulky keychains once you install this solution. These highly advanced RFID locks ensure time saving and secure experience and save you from the inconvenience of carrying bulky key chains to access your home. This advanced pathbreaking security technology is available with ASSA ABLOY. For details, visit

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Secure the Establishment with Access Control

Security of a business establishment, secure facility or a residential building is of utmost importance in today’s scenario. What better option can be in place other than securing the area with access control device, which will check the unauthorised entry? One of the best access control devices is Aperio® wireless locks. They are easy to install and offer the convenience of operating with the same access cards that was being used by the previous system, so more doors are accessible with one card. Aperio® offers a varied range of high security, battery-powered locks which eventually cuts energy costs and reduces maintenance. For details, visit

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Importance of ASSA ABLOY services

Offices, exercise areas, training sections, bureaucratic areas, all require a safe environment. The products offered by ASSA ABLOY include security and emergency locks, master key systems, electric locking items, and secondary architectural items to name a few. ASSA ABLOY conveys the most diverse range of lock and security arrangements. See

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Best global door opening solutions

ASSA ABLOY is the call you may consider when you think about protection, security and comfort. The products supplied by using ASSA ABLOY encompass protection and emergency locks, master key structures, electric locking gadgets, and secondary architectural items along with hinges, door furniture, get away systems and door closers. See

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