Importance of ASSA ABLOY services

Offices, exercise areas, training sections, bureaucratic areas, all require a safe environment. The products offered by ASSA ABLOY include security and emergency locks, master key systems, electric locking items, and secondary architectural items to name a few. ASSA ABLOY conveys the most diverse range of lock and security arrangements. See

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Best global door opening solutions

ASSA ABLOY is the call you may consider when you think about protection, security and comfort. The products supplied by using ASSA ABLOY encompass protection and emergency locks, master key structures, electric locking gadgets, and secondary architectural items along with hinges, door furniture, get away systems and door closers. See

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Sustainability is the key of ASSA ABLOY

Sustainability is a key point of ASSA ABLOY’s service. ASSA ABLOY continues an annual sustainability file following the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) pointers since 2005. With reduced manufacturing fees and optimization of product materials, the company achieves sustainability. ASSA ABLOY’s focus is to be the most revolutionary supplier of door opening solutions for security and safety. See more:

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What are the special features of ASSA ABLOY products?

ASSA ABLOY gives you the best locks, cylinders, doorways, other door opening hardware that meet the global standards for safety and comfort. ASSA ABLOY provides satisfactory, future-proof solutions for all kinds of homes and commercial spaces. The manufacturing of the workforce’s merchandise is done with minimal environmental influence. For more, visit:

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Security solutions by ASSA ABLOY for public transport hubs

The massive volumes of passengers transiting by way of public transport hubs make these complicated facilities to control. Operational and entry control effectiveness require wise, discreet and robust security and constructing administration options.

Access control and grasp key techniques combined with excessive security cylinders and mechanical or electromechanical locks provide high protection and selective access. Built-in emergency escape routes mounted for the duration of the constructing permit the safe exit in case of an emergency. See

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ASSA ABLOY’s excellent Security Solutions for the Middle East

The strength of ASSA ABLOY Security Solutions Middle East lies in its brands, which incorporate one of the most well-known and depended on names in protection. ASSA ABLOY security options merchandise incorporate master key systems, protection and emergency locks, electric locking products, and assisting architectural hardware like door furnishings, hinges, door closers and break out systems. Every one of ASSA ABLOY’s brands complement the others with their distinct strengths, enabling us to offer tailor-made solutions for all customers. See

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ASSA ABLOY: Good Business Practices

ASSA ABLOY’s ambition is to supply high-first-class merchandise that fulfil consumer wants, last long, and are manufactured with minimal resource consumption. All manufacturing sites with a large environmental impact are certified to ISO 14001. The manufacturing of the workforce’s merchandise is done with minimal environmental influence. Hazardous approaches are gradually are phased out and replaced with eco-friendly alternatives. See

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